Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bundle Monster 2012 Plates

How fitting for the end of the year, haha!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

Even though I knew what these would look like, I was almost breathless when I opened the package!  They are all so beautiful, I have never seen nail plates like these- they are really creative in my opinion.  The lovely and talented Samantha has pictures and even a video of all the plates which you can see HERE.  And you can buy them HERE.  They have really fast shipping- I got them in only ten days.  They were really quick and friendly to respond to me when I contacted them also.

I like that they aren't individually wrapped, it means less work and less waste for me.

I really got carried away with nail plates, I mean in less than a month I ordered over 200... man that sounds bad and to make it worse, there are so many more I want to get and new ones coming out all the time.  I honestly thought I would just do stamping once in a while, but it is something I really enjoy.  For me it's more "crafty" than any other makeup thing I've done, and it feels like a hobby, and I like that I can still make things even though I am not artistic.

Some of the plates (like these) come in sets of 25.  When I opened the other sets I got I was picking through them to see which ones I liked, which ones I didn't have anything similar.  But with these I loved every single one, and they really are unique and more detailed than any others I have so far.  To be fair though, my Cheeky plates have yet to arrive.

The most popular stamping here is French tip designs, leaving the rest of the nail natural colour.  324 and 325 are just beautiful plates for that.  I personally love that these are the only tip plates, as some of the sets I've seen have a third of the set tips.

(Sorry about the weird camera angle- they are the same size!)

I've tried stamping with a few of these and they work perfectly.  Even though regardless of everyone else's experience, I really prefer my original Konad stamper and scraper.  I tried using a free one I got with some plates, and they aren't just as effective for me.  I only know this because I thought the cheap plates I got were no good, and I didn't understand the problem because I was doing everything I normally do, except using the plastic scraper.  When I used my Konad one, they started stamping perfectly, so I didn't toss those plates after all, just the scraper.  

I know most people prefer using a plastic scraper or a card, but I don't get them as clear with those.  All of the round plates have shallow images, only the octagonal and square ones are etched really deep.  I tried using a thinner plastic card and it worked fine for me, but I have to find another one cause I need to use that one.  But I don't know why did they make the scraper metal if it wasn't safe for the images on the plates.  Right now I am more concerned that I can't find any glycerin free nail polish remover, cause it's clouding up the plates.  I do notice some marks on the plates where I've scraped so I am going to start using a card asap.    

Anyway, here are some samples I did on paper.... 

Overall I would definitely recommend these- they are really accessible and affordable... but I cannot wait to see what they come up with for 2013!! 

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