Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some Thoughts on my Hakuhodo Brushes

I recently bought some more Hakuhodo brushes, well over $200 worth.  Honestly I think I selected all the wrong brushes because (and don't think bad of me please, I know how much everyone loves these brushes!) I wasn't very happy with my purchases.  Sorry cause my camera is a little bad but I am going to try my best to describe the issues I had.

The brush case- it was described as "beige pink" but it's really more copper.  And the inside does not feel very nice at all.

Here are the brushes: 

And here are all (except for the two brow ones I set aside for the bottom photo) the Hakuhodo brushes I own: 

The ones I am most disappointed with are the B162 (brow brush)- the hairs are just too soft, flexible, thick, and long to be an effective brow brush for me.  It would be more suitable for a soft brow fill in or application, rather than a more defined line and thicker fill in that I prefer.  I also did not like the G545- it is too scratchy and didn't seem to be made as well as the others.  The S113 (the larger orange handled one in the photo) is all right, it's really soft for goat hair, but it's also a bit flat, although it does apply highlighter well.  

My favourites are the K002 (super soft powder brush, I love it and it's one of the first Hakuhodos I purchased), the B214BkSL (the J214 is similar in shape but the Basic one is much superior in my opinion), and the J5549 eyebrow brush.  Those are ones I would definitely buy again.  The others I honestly think I probably should have done without.  I do like the G5544 a lot but it's so hard to clean that I really prefer the Sigma F80 over it.  

I had a few more brushes I wanted to order from them (and I own 135 brushes!!)- they were out of stock on the 210 blush brush, but now I am not sure if I'll order any more anytime soon, if at all.  Since I recently did a brush inventory I rediscovered quite a few really nice brushes I already have. 

EDITED TO ADD:  I really have an illness, I tell you!!  I went ahead and ordered the 210 and two others.  That's it, I swear I am going to block that site from my computer or something!!


  1. Thanks so much for this post, Amalia!

    I was just about to purchase the G545 brush but now I´m reconsidering. I know MAC released this type of brush but it was limited edition. Sigma has an option too, but I´m done with sigma, since their quality hasn´t raised as much as their price tag.

    Is this brush really really scratchy? I´m very (negatively) surprised to hear that :-(

    I´ve just subscribed to your blog. I´m very pleased I found it ;-)

    1. Hi! My personal opinion is the. G545 isn't as soft as their others, although it is partially synthetic. and mine seems to be like the bristles are not fitted tight enough, but I may be too critical/picky about that. I too am done with sigma, besides i never use them anyway I'd recommend hakuhodo over anybody else without even blinking. I wish I could recommend something similar but honestly, it's still a good brush and I've used it from time to time for highlighting and powder under eyes.