Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Strips Haul

Some people love nail strips, others hate them for different reasons, but I fall into the "really like" category.  I used to do waterslide decals more often but they are a lot more time consuming.  Although I couldn't stand them all the time, I do nail strips about once a month- just because I don't have time or energy to do my nails every two or three days anymore.

I have had all my Sally Hansen nail strips for almost exactly one year.... amazing, I have still lots left, and yes, they still work!  I use them mostly for convenience though since the same old patterns are so tiring.  I think I'll always love the leopard one though.  But I finally found new ones!!!  I got all the new patterns I could see (I bought 12 boxes though) and I will definitely be keeping an eye on the Sally Hansen sections from now on...

I know these are old for some of you, but I never got any of the holiday or seasonal collections here so they are exciting for me!

I got Brattlesnake, Queen of the Jungle, Hear Me Roar (I may be an idiot but what animal is that one supposed to be- a jaguar???) and also I Love Lacey- a red and black lace pattern.

Brattlesnake is my favourite!

Thanks to the very nice employee who also tracked me down as I was nearing the checkout I also bought these two flower patterns, Aflorable and Spring Fever.

I think Tie-Die-For and Tattoo Much came out around the same time as these, so those are the ones I'll be looking for next.

But this is the collection on my wishlist:

I also got these- I will try to use them in a much needed, long overdue look very soon:


  1. I like the SH Polish Strips =)

  2. Nice haul! I have the leopard ones from a gift over a yr old but don't wanna *waste* them lol.. u say you can use them more than once eh?! and love the lashes can't wait to c them on!

    1. ohh no they come off with remover just like polish... I meant that mine were so old I didnt think they'd work anymore but they do! They come with two packages in the box so I always get two manicures out of them if I cut them carefully. Once you open the package they're done for, I have to throw what I dont use.... someone told me you can reuse them even after they're opened but they just curl up and dry out.