Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Goodies Haul!

I got these nail stickers at a mall, for a couple of bucks.  I only saw them in the package but when I opened them, they looked familiar.... as in, the kind that don't work!!

I'll try them anyway, but probably a waste of time... oh well!  

But these are what I am most excited about- I've been wanting these for ages!! 

Yay!  I haven't used them yet but you can see them in action HERE.  I didn't get "Sweetie Pie" or "Cool Kitty", mostly cause I thought they were kinda expensive (when you're moving around a lot it's hard to keep track of currencies LOL!), but I am looking forward to trying these out.  "Oh, My!" are the heaviest ones, they look like they are furry- multiple layers, etc. The others look very much like real lashes- only long and full, so they should be great!! 


  1. damnn sorry about the nail stickers.
    but eeep katy perry lashes! I'm sick of waiting for mine!!! I want them nowwww haha

  2. Great Haul the fake eyelashes look very pretty.