Friday, October 5, 2012

A Few Recent Purchases

Sorry- some of these photos are really bad !!  My camera seems to be acting up for some reason so even if I did some more swatches I'm afraid they wouldn't show up very well!!

I got a couple of neat Barry M things- a "Croc Effect" polish, and a lipstick:

The lipstick is green: 

But it's not for Halloween- it applies light pink, and more like a lip balm texture: 

A couple of Maybelline things- the blush I threw out, it was so horrible, I totally don't recommend it at all.  

And MUA- two palettes, Undressed and Dusk til Dawn, a nail polish- a beautiful shade, smooth but on the thin and sheer side so I needed 3 coats, and an "Eye Dust", which is a really fine pigment- a pretty jade colour but it takes some building up and it's really shimmery.

I've used both palettes so far and I like them- very soft texture and rich colours.  

And finally- a big bunch of nail stamping plates: 

I was searching for the Hello Kitty one and came across this big bundle for an incredible price.  I got 22 plates total- I doubt I'll use them in my lifetime but they're really neat!  I also got some nail striping tape I'd been after, and I thought I was stocked up on nail supplies but I found a few more cool things from the same seller so I'll post that when they arrive!  


  1. Great haul! I'd love to try that Maybelline concealer, I've heard amazing things about it.

  2. oooh nice haul. By chance did you buy the concealer coz of Marlena? ;) hehe.
    Love the green lipstick it would look hawwt on the top lip and viva glam nicki on the bottom (obviously it would actually be green, though :P) but yeah I'm kidding, I love how it turns light pink.
    So jealous of the MUA palettes and the nail stamps!! Please let me know where you got them from!? Ebay?