Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lipcolor

After I decided the markers aren't my thing, I was looking for another alternative for long lasting lipstick.

These are also dual-ended with a lip balm, but they are completely different than the markers.  

The lipstick side is really more like a lip stain, it is a bit liquidy but only as you apply it.  After that, you are supposed to wait two full minutes before you apply the balm side.  The drying is almost painful, so you definitely need a lip balm with this!  The lip balm that comes with it is not that good at all, mine completely broke off, but you can just toss that end of the product since it's removable.  I hate the packaging anyway but that's such a small negative for me     

I liked the first shade I got so much that I wanted to see if I could wear it without balm, but no chance- my lips felt like sandpaper, it was so bad.  Now it sounds like I don't like this product, when I actually love it.... it really does stay on, I even slept in it to test it and woke up exactly the way I went to sleep, it's amazing!  

The colour doesn't transfer at all, not even on the balm- not on a drinking glass, nothing.  Lip balm doesn't make the colour fade either.  Another plus for me is that no matter how many times I apply lip balm the colour stays on- love that!  

On the Maybelline sites they have 30 shades, but everywhere I've looked they only have about 6, so that's a real bummer for me.  I wish they had at least a cherry red here.  The first shade I got was Wildberry, which is a solid berry.  When I went back for more, they only had a brown one and all the rest were shimmery.  Honestly I do prefer the Wildberry as far as colour goes.  I don't know but maybe I'm over shimmery products these days!  

The other two I got are Rose Dust and Sugar Plum.  They both look really shimmery in the tube, but Rose Dust applied much less shimmery, and Sugar Plum really didn't show up well on my lips.  

Also just to warn you, DO NOT swatch these unless you just have to- they do not remove from skin well at all!! I had to use makeup remover, olive oil, and brush shampoo all to no avail.  I actually ended up having to use a kitchen scouring pad to get these off!  


  1. firstly... THAT NAIL POLISH!! Gurrl you can do it, try holding a product and take a pic! (pretty much what you've accidentally done here lol)
    2ndly those colours are purdy.. sounds like they will definitely last 24 hours too!

  2. Might have to try these out! Thanks for the review!

  3. Great review.I must try it.