Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween and Candy Corn Striped Nails Attempt

Since Halloween isn't celebrated here(and I don't think I'd dress up anyway), I'm just going to do my nails.  But what to do??  I don't want something too hard/complicated since I'm just wearing them for a few days.

I left the US just before Halloween last year so I have all the Sally Hansen nail strips, these patterns:

Or I have these waterslide decals:

I tried candy corn stripes with these:

Only it was really a lot harder than I thought- well, it took a long time anyway!  I didn't get it perfect, and the sunlight was going fast so I had to take a pic before a better cleanup:  

That reminds me- has anyone tried these??

I really love looking at Halloween makeup/costumes/nails especially since I'm missing out in person this year so I can't wait to see everyone's blogs!!

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  1. Cute nails!! I think you should add the decals on :) we don't celebrate halloween here either so I have no idea what it's like apart from what you see in movies & stuff, plus I usually don't make much effort when I have to dress up anyway :P