Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unpacking... and WetnWild Swatches!

I haven't unpacked in over six months! It's really bad, I know, but I've moved around sooo much and just ran out of time and energy I suppose. I still don't want to fully unpack because I know I'll just be doing it all over again sometime. Sooner than later I keep telling myself.  I bought what was supposed to be a makeup table but ended up using it for a printer stand.

But I was unpacking a little bit yesterday and found these...

Yay!!! Two little WetnWild compacts!  I didn't have much luck traveling with these unfortunately, two of the larger palettes and one of these completely crushed.  I haven't used these colours though and I think they're very pretty!  I almost left them unopened but I couldn't resist!  I do miss WetnWild, I've heard of so many new things they have now. 

Just from the swatches, it looks like "I'm Getting Sunburned" is the better of these two, but the taupe (Eyelid shade) in "Silent Treatment" looks really good too!

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  1. i wish we had them over here they look amazing :)