Monday, April 9, 2012

Back with some Eye Looks....

I've had some pretty tough times recently, but I am trying to stay positive.  In short, Dubai is not for me.  Nice place to visit, not so nice place to live.  Just my opinion and my experience unfortunately. 

But anyway, here are a couple of EOTD I've done recently, and a really edited photo that I thought looked neat.  I've been writing here for over a year now, and while it seems pointless at times, at least I know I've made some progress because I remember when basic eyeliner was so difficult for me!!

Dark Green and Gold

I really liked the orange, I think I wore that 3 times in one week!

Yes I know I need to do something about my hair!

That wasn't orange, it was "Supermodel" from a Balm palette...

Unfortunately I won't be able to do many product posts anymore, if any at all.  There just isn't any access here.  Ordering online won't happen because of importing rules.  There is basic stuff like a MAC store and a Sephora, but you would not believe what limited stuff they have.  What they do get is so late coming besides the stores are so incredibly rude.  


  1. Check out the pharmacies for skin care, they seemed to have far more brands than I can get in the UK at least and I spied an interesting looking makeup store in the Dubai mall on my last day! hehe. Sorry to hear things haven’t been that great. I do hope it gets better though. I think the orange colour looks great on you x

  2. Thank you so very much! So sorry I havent kept up on here!

  3. Glad to see some makeup posts from you hun! You look gorgeous, Im sorry to hear about everything and the trouble with importing, but I hope everything works out soon. It kinda sounds like where I live to me with the selection of makeup... well we only have chemists unless we go to the city haha. xx

  4. Ashii thanks!! I never really knew about those problems... not only way overpriced, but miles away if you can even find anything! I've heard Australia is working on it tho'... :)