Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally.... A Helmer!!

I personally do not like going into Ikea- to me it feels like when you miss your exit on the highway and then have to drive 10 miles to the next exit to turn around.  But it was either go or leave my stuff packed, so this is what happened. 

(I'm just showing the box because of how small it is- very easy!)

The drawers:

As you can see, it's still empty- I just put it together last night.  It is not hard to put together at all, you only have to screw on the wheels and the drawer handles.  Other than that, it's just folding metal so it's really easy- it took me alone less than an hour.  The only problem I have is the top drawer doesnt slide smooth and it's annoying cause it's the top one, but I'll deal with it, at least that way it won't accidentally fall out (there's no stops at the back), and I can save that drawer for stuff I have but don't use frequently.  I wanted to get two of these units and put a tabletop in between them to make a makeup table, but I couldn't find the right size shelving.  But with the top drawer sticking I'm kind of glad I didn't, although it might be an easy fix. 

The plastic inserts you do have to buy separately, and I put mine in before I folded the sides up because otherwise it would have been a tight squeeze.  But there's no way I can deal with having things junked up in a drawer.  I'm going to use the bottom two drawers for nail polish, and I saved my cardboard so I can try to make inserts/dividers for polishes or lipstick.  Not fancy but functional.  I doubt that I can do it but I'll try. 

Having to unpack my stuff is the worst part because it's a little emotional, then I feel like I am never going to leave.  But I don't see the point of leaving all my stuff in a suitcase either. 


I have hardly made a dent in the unpacking but the Helmer is already half full!  I am going to go back for another one.  I'd love to use it for some hair and face stuff too, I'll just have to find a middle piece so I can put the mirror and brushes on top, and have space for a chair in between.  


  1. I'm just like you with Ikea...I think the concept/products are great, but the first time I went there, I was completely overwhelmed and felt like I was going in circles! I only recently bought my first Helmer (after we moved this winter) and I definitely need another one because this one is already too full! PS, My top drawer is the same as yours...I wonder if it's like that with all of them?

  2. Wow, they really must be! That sounds like more than just a coincendence :)