Monday, April 30, 2012


One good thing about not buying new products is being able to use up old ones!

The Falsies flared was a new tube I brought from the U.S., and I've repurchased one but haven't opened it yet. I also got One by One, which was fine on me before but this time it's really flaky. They are made in different places and I wonder if the formulas are different. I have noticed that Johnson's baby shampoo is definitely not the same as the U.S. version, so maybe the mascara is different for some reason.

Sand was absolute hell on my skin, especially my face and hands. I never felt like I had any moisture anywhere. I was using the yellow bottle of Clinique lotion but it was no match for the destruction the sand was causing me, and the only other thing I could find was this "even better". I liked it, it was unscented and didn't feel heavy or greasy. It was much better with moisturizing but it did not even out my skin tone at all. Probably I'd have to use it longer, but I am not buying this one again- I just had too much trouble getting it and I have a couple other brand new bottles of things to use.  I wanted to get the whole line of Nuxe Reve de Miel next, but I forgot where I saw it. 

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  1. I cant stand some of my makeup even tho I hate some products I try to use them up just because I did spend my money on it and it will go to waste or I give it to my sister. I should seriously consider using up some of my products that are just sitting here.