Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Forgotten Swatches: The Balm

Wow these are really old!!  I don't use this palette as often as I should, but I do like the eyeshadows.  I had the "Shady Lady" palettes but I find the shadows in this one are a bit softer and last a little longer on me.  "Bad Boy" looks questionable, but it's fine when applied. 

First Row

Second, Third Rows

Indoor Light

Last Row

Lip/Cheek Tints

I have been wearing mostly neutrals lately, but even still, I don't use the same colours everyday.  I like the top row a lot.  I find the bottom row great for highlighting shades.  I like the texture and pigmentation of these shadows.  I also like that the lip/cheek tints are closed from the eyeshadows, I honestly don't use them anyway.  


  1. I have changed my look up when it comes to eyeshadows alot, and I need this palette. Youre totally right, the balm is always a way-side brand, but i really like them :]

    Welcome back!

  2. i nominated you for a blogger award :)