Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OMG!! Finally- Maybelline Eyeshadows!!

Wow I just cannot believe my luck!!! I also got scammed out of the Maybelline 24 hour eyeshadows but I totally scored two of them today! They just rolled off the truck so they should be coming to all the Maybelline stands very soon. They only had two colours for sale, "On and On Bronze" (aka Bad to the Bronze) and Bold Gold.  These were the only ones, although they did have the purple and turquoise testers as well. I can't wait for more, especially the reddish and taupe ones!  I am absolutely excited about these!

Since I just got these I haven't had a chance to wear them on my eyes, but the swatches haven't budged in hours, despite vigorous hand washings, and based on all the positive things I've heard I am sure they will be worth the wait!  


  1. Both colors are pretty.

  2. On and On Bronze is beautiful. :)

  3. Lucky YOU!! I am still waiting over here :(
    they are gorgeous colours!

  4. @Jazmin, Shang thanks, I agree!
    @StarVogue- hopefully soon, I heard Debenhams would be first. do you have Loreal Infallible shadows anywhere yet?