Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My New Favourite Lip Balm!

Since I got scammed out of getting any more eos lip balm (I guess it happens to everyone, but it still sucks!), I went to the store to see what the options were. Not much, but I picked up a few. I actually tried this one last since I wasn't expecting much from it. I love it! It is Hawaiian Tropic, it is very moisturizing, softening, and it even has SPF. I do not go anywhere without lip balm, and I've tried other petroleum type balms and I personally do not like them.
I first got this one in Vanilla Mint and loved it, so when I went back to get more theyonly had Tropical, which I like very much also. It has a hint of that unmistakeable Hawaiian Tropic scent. These lip balms are very budget friendly and would be great to put in your beach bag!

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