Monday, May 7, 2012

Sigma F80 Synthetic Kabuki Brush

I haven't found it easy to find totally reliable reviews on Sigma products.  I purchased several of their eye brushes which didn't survive a couple of months so I don't know if I'd take a chance on any of those again, but I like all of the synthetic face brushes I bought, the F80 being one of my favourites. 

I love this brush for liquid or cream foundation, it is just stiff enough and the diameter is just right. 

The handle is on the lighter side, but I've washed it several times without any problems.

And as far as washing it, I've found pretty much all brushes I use for foundation need a small bit of olive oil to loosen the foundation before I brush them thoroughly.  It's important for me to wash them after each use to eliminate build up and harboring of bacteria. 

I like the F80's flat top, it makes for a smooth application, and I have been able to get an even one too.  The bristles are soft, not scratchy at all.  

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