Monday, May 28, 2012

My Favourite Neutrogena Product

These wipes were the first product I ever bought from Neutrogena and I still love them.  I had tried every remover Sephora had available and nothing really worked for me so I picked these up at Target one day and they've been my fave ever since.  They don't burn, they're not greasy, and they remove eyeliner and mascara- win for me!  They had some lavender ones in America I really liked, and they had a plastic tub too but I'm happy to still have the wipes available.  I've tried a few other Neutrogena products since and I've found them to be pretty nice for me at least, especially the skin stuff.  It's not high end but it works in a pinch, and I like that they are unscented, light, and oil free, at least what I have tried was. 

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