Friday, February 3, 2012

Warm in February?

I might be going to Dubai in a while (so excited!) and yes, its very warm there in February.  I had the chance to go not too long ago and it was really fun.  I had never even heard about it when I was living in the midwestern U.S., but it's a really great city, diverse and unique. 

Here are some photos.  They have an aquarium inside of a mall, and they seem to be fond of aquariums there because they also have them inside of hotels, retaurants, etc.

Have any of you been to Dubai?


  1. Nice photos, Dubai looks nice. Good to see you blogging again Amalia, hope you're well.

  2. I am hoping to have a long holiday in March actually. Very excited about it x

  3. @Charlotte, thank you, same to you!
    @Discovering Beauty Ohhhh that is too awesome, you have to put pics on your blog when you get back!!!