Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Hakuhodo Face Brushes

These are brushes for liquid/creme foundation, and powder. 

At the time I purchased this brush, they were not yet on their website.  Here is a photo that was taken by Hakuhodo and sent to me for reference, I think it is easier to show this photo first.   

The brush I have is I believe G5554.  The difference is in the length of the sythetic fibres, each size has either 2 or 4 mm of synthetic above the natural hairs. 

Here are my photos of the brush:

This brush is $54.  They range from $45 to $69. 

I would love to give this brush a glowing review, and most people probably would.  The performance is outstanding, it gives an even, airbrushed like finish and it is so easy to use, just the right size, and the brush stays stiff during use.  I get irritated with the more flexible foundation brushes because sometimes you have to go over the same spot twice to make sure it's covered.  I also love the handle size, it is perfect for personal use because with the longer handled ones I often found myself hitting the handle on the mirror. 

Unfortunately, I don't use this brush myself anymore.  First, it's really hard to clean- but then again, I haven't found any foundation brush that isn't!  Second, the hair is just way too potent smelling for me to adjust to, I really cannot stand it.  Other than that, it is an excellent brush. 

The second brush is the K002. 

This is one of their blue squirrel brushes.  It is absolutely the softest, finest brush I have ever used, period.  It is $82 but I have to tell you, if you only get one Hakuhodo brush in your life, make it this one!  It gives you an absolutely flawless finish with any powder, but particularly loose powder, which is what I use most often.  I really cannot even compare it with any other brush because all the other face brushes I've used feel like scouring pads compared to this one.  I have probably hundreds of brushes (some I admit need to be tossed), but this is my #1 absolute favourite out of all of them. 

There are a couple more Hakuhodo brushes on my wish list, brow and eyeliner, the S103, and some others.  I am actually regretting that I didn't get one of their sets, either the maple or the Kokutan, but I really don't think I saw either of them at the time I got these.  I believe their untraced international shipping is $12 which is not bad at all, so hopefully I'll get some more soon. 


  1. Thanks for posting the comparison shots of the 5552-5557 series. I was trying to decide which size and am now going with the medium sized one (probably the 5555). Have you tried using a brush soap, like Becca's for cleaning? I found it really makes the chore much easier, faster rinsing and drying times as well. Just a thought. Also, I have many Hakuhodo brushes including the yachiyos and the DR round which are goat hair and after cleaning a number of times, the smell dissipates.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I dont have that brand here but I use a combo of Kern soap and shower oil so I dont strip the natural hairs, but honestly I've only washed that one 3 times so I'll keep trying to see if the smell dissapates. Did you only find the smell with the white haired ones, just curious?

    1. It seems that the white hair goat brushes are stronger in smell than the black ones (because they are not dyed??). Anyway, good luck and just keep washing (eventhough hakuhodo discourages frequent washing, I disregard this and my brushes are fine). You can find Becca's products at and they ship internationally.