Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Hakuhodo Brushes and a Short Update

The reason I am doing this post is because recently I have undergone some serious medical treatment (which I won't bore you with), so a lot of my rest time is spent on the computer.  I have to build up my energy so the post might be short, but I'll keep trying.  I was planning on going to the London IMATS but I really don't know if that's a possibility anymore, unfortunately. 

My makeup stash has not increased at all since I left the U.S. and that is a bit depressing for me.  It's like losing your job, when your blog is supposed to be about products!  But it's just impossible to find anything, especially something new, and they didn't even have any holiday selections.

So here is a small post about  a couple of Hakuhodo brushes. 

The first one is one of my favourites, it is called the B214BkSL Highlight Brush.  It is a bit irritating that the number is not on the handle cause I had to look that up, but then again, that long code there wouldnt be that attractive on the brush, I suppose!

I love this brush but I have to admit, I don't use it for highlighting, it is quite a dense brush and with the rounded tip, it makes it perfect for me to use as an undereye/inner eye concealer brush.  It is goat hair, specifically Ototsuho, which is a shorter, thinner hair, so it is not scratchy or rough (none of their brushes are).  It is one of their most affordable brushes, $26. 

The second brush (and the last for today) is the S142 Eyeshadow Brush.  This is one of their signature vermillion handled brushes and it's a real beauty. 

This brush is made from Blue Squirrel hair, and if you don't already have one of those I really strongly suggest you at least try one because they are so soft, like a whisper on your eye.  The S142 is $40 and it is a crease brush.  It is so incredibly soft, it's like you have to look twice to make sure the colour actually got on your eye- and it does, every time, with hardly any even left on the brush.  However, I don't find it all that unique in terms of shape.  To compare, this is the Hakuhodo, MAC 226, and Sigma E45.

Honestly, I've had to dump all of my Sigma eye brushes (not like I had that many), they just turn into complete crap after a couple uses and I am not hard on my brushes!

I hate to say it, but I use my 226 way more often than the Hakuhodo, if for nothing except I am used to it and I like how it feels and performs. 

I have a few more Hakuhodo brushes I hope to put up in the near future.  If you're thinking about them, I would definitely not hesitate on the B214BkSL as one of the ones to start with. 


  1. Is it weird I got a little giddy seeing a post from you!! Hope your doing well! And thanks for the review!! Always love your reviews!

  2. Awww you are sooo sweet, thank you! The web is censored here so I can't even read a lot of blogs, I really regret that!

  3. Welcome back to blogging so glad to see you! Hope everything is well with you! x

  4. Love seeing a post from you again... hope you are doing ok!!! Great post!