Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Favourite Brow Brush

I just got this brush last summer.  I don't know why I never knew this brand had a brow brush, it would seem so obvious since I always bought their brow powder, stencils, brow gel, and basically every brow product. 


This is the Anastasia brow brush.  It says "15" on it but I don't see any other brow brush they make.  It is described as "cut, angled" brush. 

The bristles:

The hairs are short, firm, and dense.  It has a short, thin handle which makes application an absolute breeze. 

I find this brush to be just perfect.  I use just the tip flat for the outer part of my brows, which are basically nonexistent.  I use it flat vertically for the parts near the bridge of my nose where I need just a little fill.  I never get any powder fall out and the lines look natural. 

Before this I was using MAC and Nars brow brushes, and I liked them but sometimes I felt like the brush wasn't depositing enough product, or the lines ended up too thick or uneven, and I had to use much shorter strokes as well.  With the Anastasia one it's a lot less effort to get an even better result, so I am very happy with it.  

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