Monday, December 9, 2013

Sephora Smart Liner Eyeliner

This little product has made a huge difference to me. At first I was skeptical that it was just another gimmick, but for me it really works. I've always had issues with eyeliner- I think a lot of it is just nerves, I mean its a lot of pressure to get a straight line or you have to start all over again!?! So my hand always gets a bit shaky, and when I put the pencil to my eye it's like I'm suddenly blinking constantly.

Anyway, along comes this. I couldn't really understand the demo the lady in the store gave me and honestly I started getting embarrassed - I mean, a person my age who doesn't know how to do eyeliner. But basically you grip it with your thumb and forefinger, then your other three fingers stay wrapped around the back. The shape of the handle basically prevents your fingers from slipping and keeps consistent pressure on the pen.

It might not look like anything special, but I've never seen my eyeliner look this good- ever.

I think obviously, it's a big improvement for me.... Here I'm probably wearing gel liner (I cannot do soft pencils with an even halfway straight way), but see how I have that little gap between my lid and the liner, and how the line doesn't extend far enough. I still can't do that flick thing, but using this liner I just press the tip down at the edge, to get the end like that above.

I like this eyeliner a lot. I didn't have any problems with it smearing or fading, and its pretty black, even over darker eyeshadows. Although it's not as easy as mascara for me, I've got the hang of it now. It's like eyeliner intuition for people like me who just don't have it. I think when I run out, or they discontinue it, I might try a regular felt tip liner and try holding it at this angle.

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  1. I've seen this on so many post! it's so interesting, I'd like to try this although I have no problem doing my favorite winged eyeliner with brush tip liner pens! I like your thick line, it frames your pretty eyes very nicely!