Monday, December 2, 2013

Koyudo BP014 Brush

Hello and hope everyone had a good weekend!  I'm rounding up the rest of my posts for 2013, and I honestly think this will be my last year for blogging.  I've been doing it for a long, long time... And I would like to move on, plus I don't think I've made any significant improvements or contributions.  As much as I used to think I needed the next new product, and yesterday... I don't think like that anymore.  I've found a lot of good formulas worth sticking with, and as long as I have a few nice colours to work with, that's fine with me.  I think sticking with Instagram is cool, even though its maybe like a shortcut.  On a related note, I've been sick a lot, so hopefully no one will mind that I'm mostly doing swatch posts rather than full face... Nothing worse than a red nose, baggy watery eyes, and dry patches haha!!

This a brush specifically stated as a foundation brush. I was so disappointed when I got it that I contacted them to make sure I got the right brush (none are marked in any way) and they responded it is best for mineral powder foundation, not liquids or creams. Suggestion: please update the description!! No need to wait six weeks and spend $30 for something I don't need, since I don't use that type of foundation. So I'm showing what the brush looks like for those who may need it, but it isn't suitable for liquids for me as it is really too long, flexible and not dense enough. I found it's ok for highlighting, but not even that for me personally because I like highlighting smaller sections and it tends to hold a lot of product.


  1. Aw man as soon as I get interested in a blog, they don't want to post anymore. : D Hahah but good if you're moving on. May I request something before those green pages of yours fall into oblivion? Like a firework show, I think you should end this on a BANG! Give us something to rinse our eyes with and show your collection category by category for instance? : ) I'm very curious (and eager, I'll admit) to see all you've collected over your years of blogging. :3

  2. Waaa that's an awesome idea!! I will..... Definitely. But I've moved within 5 countries in that time span, so I've had to toss out an insane amount... As well as learned a lot in this process :)

  3. Aw I totally understand your reasons for giving up blogging, lately I haven't found the time, which also leads to me losing a little bit of interest... I'm sure it will be different next year for me though. I love using instagram for showing off my fotd's, hauls and little reviews and what not.. I think it would be good for you to stick with that :) and I'd also like to see your collection!!

    As for the brush.... that is frustrating that they didn't clearly state what it was for! However I think it would be great for setting powder under the eyes, but it is way too small for all over mineral foundation! xx

    1. It is small... I promise I don't have anything glamorous but I'll try my you sometimes do yours in sections :)