Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ingot Pressed Powder #19 Review

I got this powder thinking it would work as a highlighter. It doesn't, really, but it has fair coverage with some sparkles. I thought it was about the same coverage as their normal pressed powder.

It's a bit hard to tell what it looks like in the pan... and the swatch.  

I tried to capture it on my face, but even in real life, it's hard to see what it does... you can't see the glitter unless you are really close up.  

Unfortunately, it's just something I rarely use. I definitely prefer a glowy highlighter, and if I use this with one it looks really off.


  1. I like that last photo, nice colours.
    I see you have a nose stud, I miss mine so much.

    Hope you're well, sorry I've not been around for a while to comment.

    1. I miss seeing what you're up to! I've got that piercing I swear, 18 years ago :P I thought it was surely closed up since I stopped wearing it in 2003 but it wasn't.