Monday, July 8, 2013

UOUO "Extreme Glare" Eyeshadow Trio

I am sorry for back to back eyeshadow posts, but I am having some issues with photos at the moment.

I bought this not too long ago, but it's such a convenient size and great shades, so I've used it a lot actually.

It really reminds me of a Wet-n-Wild trio, but the plastic case is a lot sturdier.  I've travelled with it and it hasn't broken, so that's a good sign.  


I bought this for something like 3 dollars, just to try it., and honestly I wasn't expecting it to be any good..... how could everything I try from this very low budget brand possibly be decent???  

But these are.  They are all really good eyeshadows, very pigmented at first swipe, and I had no problems with them lasting on my eye the entire day.  No fading, creasing, nothing... and that's impressive at any price point!!  

12 HOURS!!! 

I really like this trio, it's so convenient.... although it is missing a highlight shade but can't complain!!  They have other trios available and when I get a chance I'm definitely checking them out!! 

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  1. Those colours looks gorgeous with the black eyeliner