Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fyrinnae Hitched Eyeshadow

I bought this because although its not everyday I wear red eyeshadow, I do like to have a nice red to use on occasion. I have Sugarpills Love +, but I heard this one was "metallic red". It isn't really that red on me. More on that later.... On to the photos!

No, its not your computer screen, I swear it's orange!!! Not even the pan looks red to me :(

Hitched, Inglot 605, Inglot 607, Sugarpill Love +

Far Right: Illamasqua Panic Blush 

I thought right away it was similar to the Inglot shadows and not close to the red products I have.  I viewed two different blogs where it looked red, and I mean red, so I was disappointed, even angry about mine.  I heard that their customer service was basically nonexistent, so I didn't expect it, but they responded to me within a couple of hours, which I definitely appreciate!

They said that the red dye adapts to a person's ph level. I am not an uneducated person but chemistry, I have no clue about, so it sounds like a reasonable explanation to me.... except that 1. it doesn't look red in the pan, 2. two of my friends with different tones tried it, and it was orange on both of them too, and 3. I tried it over nude, black, white, even pixie epoxy and never got the red I saw on the blogs I looked at. But if I accept their explanation, I know why mine isn't red, but I definitely would not have purchased if I knew what I would really get, especially since its similar to stuff I already have. Pixie epoxy did tend to bring out the most red, but I found it a bit hard to use with pressed product, and I only ever got a brick type of red. Its frustrating to me.

On the plus side, the pigmentation is really good.  

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