Monday, July 1, 2013

Makeup Storage Suitcases

So again I need a storage thing. I honestly don't have that much anymore, all of it including polish will fit in a Helmer and I think I was down to half of one before I left. I promised myself I wouldn't accumulate more than a Helmer's worth of makeup, and I have kept up with that or a long time. I may increase it to exclude polish in the future, but I need something travel-able as well, or maybe even something I could use for both. I am not trying to complain and yes I do value my safety but I have to say travelling internationally is so different, I think I will be travelling by car from now on. But anyway....

I like, well love, the idea of a modular system like these where you can take the top part off to use as a small bag. But I also like drawers or little compartments. The bags I have now are just for travel and they don't have sections at all. Only one has a shoulder strap. It would be so much better if I cold consolidate them!

I really like my Heys bag, I could maybe just get pouches for it and have some drawers for at home. They actually do make some really nice packing cubes.

I might just use a regular suitcase and pop some drawers and pouches in it. Seriously, once I saw a suitcase that opened straight out, but at the time I didn't know why that would be useful.  I could maybe get a business case, the one with the space for a laptop or ipad, those usually open by zipping down, not around.

I saw some excellent train cases at Inglot but the soft sided one was a lot smaller than the hard one and I didnt like the way it opened, plus it was really expensive.

Some of these look nice, but I dont know. It would have to be sturdy enough to support the contents! I see a lot of cases like this at makeup events, what do you guys think??

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