Monday, July 22, 2013

Sleek Lip 4 Palette: Mardi Gras

I wanted to try one of these lipstick palettes, but I read so many mixed reviews I couldnt decide. Then I saw this one was a limited edition so I went ahead with it.

I swatched them clockwise, so the two shades on the left side are really, really stiff. The two on the right are really, really soft, glossy. I didn't know this so I actually dug my lip brush in waaaaay too hard and now the two soft ones are kinda a mess!

The purple is called Rio and despite the stiff texture, it isn't matte. I found it a bit tricky to get just the right amount, but honestly I would buy this whole palette just for that purple, it is just so perfect. Firework is matte and its a bit dry but wearable, although it is my least fave. The other two are glossy but not slippery, I found it best to apply them lightly though. They ALL stain!! They're really saturated in pigmentation, and the stains lasted me all day, I even used lip balm and they didn't budge. Masquerade was probably my favorite stained color- pink but not over the top, and it was cool to have colored lips all day. Carnival stained my lips for over 24 hours- through eating, drinking, showering, brushing my teeth, sleeping, I mean that shade did not want to leave my lips!!!

L to R: Rio, Carnival, Firework, Masquerade

I thought this palette was really awesome, great quality and really convenient.  I am not a lipstick-in-a-tube kind of person, so I absolutely loooove this palette and I'd like to buy another, if I can find the right shades. Maybe Havana will be my next choice?  For me all of these are really wearable except Rio but I knew that!  

Pros: exceptionally long lasting, excellent pigmentation, portable 
Cons: I thought Firework was kind of a dud

Oh and also, it says you can mix them, but for me that didn't work too well with the different textures, I think most of the product ended up on my brush- but I tried: 

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