Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Urban Decay Glinda Palette Swatches

They also had the Theodora palette, and I thought I would really regret not getting both.  I don't like the  eyeliner or the lip pencil in this one, but the eyeshadow colours are so pretty I can overlook it.  My lip pencil actually broke completely off the first time I tried to use it, and it's not much of a colour at all.  The pencil is all right, and sorry I didn't swatch it cause I already gave it and the lip one away.  I didn't think I'd like Tornado either, but it's all right used with a light hand or just a touch of it.

Tornado, Aura (2 shades), Magic 

Illusion, Oz (2 shades), South 

Magic and South are probably my faves, and I don't love the chunky glitter in the gold part of Oz so much.  

Here is the Glida lip pencil: 

Overall, I think it was a great purchase, I also love that it's really compact and not like a big chubby ole shadow box, I don't even miss the pretty packagings.  


  1. They all look very pretty, I can imagine a ton of fall out from the glittery ones, though! Love the lip colour too, although it broke! xx

  2. Nice swatches, I really like the Illusion, Oz (2 shades) and South shades.