Saturday, June 15, 2013

UOUO Apple BB Cream

I got this one because it's called "BB Frost".  I didn't know what BB Frost was, but I was curious.  Unfortunately, I still don't know what BB Frost is.

I got this in shade 02, which matches my skin tone so well you can barely see the swatch: 

This one is definitely more beige than 01, which is like a bright peach.  It blends effortlessly, and I love the texture- not thin but not too thick either.  It is a little bit sticky after you first apply it, but it dries down smooth and not flat.  It isn't heavy or greasy, but I feel like it gives a little bit of moisture.  I've been using this for a couple of weeks and I just love it, it feels really great on my skin, and I really think it looks good too.  

I don't use products on my neck but this matches so well, I don't have to worry about looking off.  I like this one so much, but I am not sure why they call it "frost"- it doesn't look frosty, but it's not matte either.    

Although I like this a lot, it does have some drawbacks. First, I felt like I needed a touch up after about 4 hours, but for me that's not a big problem since it's almost as easy as applying moisturizer. Definitely easier than foundation. The coverage wasn't as complete as other creams I've tried; I did look better with a concealer around my eye area. This also wasn't a big deal for me either since concealer is a habit for me. It has a bit of a synthetic scent but I don't mind it.  I honestly feel like my skin has improved since I started using BB Creams, and I'll never go back to foundation.

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  1. This looks gorgeous on you, the finish is great. I haven’t heard of that brand before, nice find x