Monday, June 24, 2013

Maybelline One by One Mascara: Satin Black

I found that I definitely prefer bristle brush mascara wands, as opposed to these rubber/plastic ones, but I've used both with success.

I've tried the regular One by One, long ago I wasn't looking for this one, and honestly, I didn't know why it was different.  The person I asked at the store said "They are the same".  Now, this is not true and just attests to one of the many reasons I don't consider myself a "people person".... if you don't know, just freakin say you don't know.

Anyway, on to the mascara...

It is different because it's glossy!  It gives the lashes a very shiny coat, unlike any other mascara I remember trying.  Other than that, the formula was nice- not too thin or thick.  It did start to rub off in little flakes and that caused some irritation, but that was about 9 hours in, so not too bad.  I wouldn't say this is one of my faves, but I do like the separating effect and the shininess.  

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  1. Ohh I see, they basically look the same with the brush but have a slight difference to the finish! Although I'm probably too blind to notice the difference :P x