Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Models Own Cream Eyeshadow: Gold Pearl

I bought this not knowing it was a cream shadow. It's funny because the sales lady was talking it up for a full five minutes at least, but at no time did she say it was a cream shadow. I (idiot) didn't think to ask.

I had some hope after I swatched it.

But my hope, along with this eyeshadow, quickly faded.  I tried everything- using it as a base, over a primer and a shadow, on multiple days, everything- I just could not get it to last.  I was so disappointed, since it is such a pretty shade, and it went on smooth and felt a bit more creamy, not so greasy like others I've tried, but it didn't hold up.  After 4 hours, even with a primer, it was creasy and patchy.  It even seemed to ruin my eyeliner which doesn't budge any other day.  

After 8 hours, barely a trace was left.  Oh well, it's a crappy product, I'm disappointed but really I think the brand is more well known for their polishes (which I honestly don't like too much so I should have avoided the whole stand to begin with) but it's a lesson learned.  I was really hoping it would stay though! 

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