Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lush FUN Logs

I wanted to get my son something "fun" for bathtime, and this is supposed to work as a bubble bath and body wash.  (And a shampoo and modeling fun too)....

It comes in coloured logs- I got him the green (lemon-lime) and the pink one smelled soooo good- like baby powder but more perfume-y, even though Lush says "childhood candy scented" so I got that for myself.  Blue is lavender, yellow is vanilla, and red is orange juice.  

Here is what chunks of them look like: 

The only problem is, they are supposed to bubble up, and they don't- not enough for a bath, anyway.  It doesn't colour the bath either, but it didn't claim to.  We were fine using it as a body wash, although I think it's too dry to use as a shampoo.  I haven't used a bar soap in well, decades, but this is a lot crumblier so I take it off in chunks and can't leave it in the shower either cause it basically melts in there.  

The great thing about this is that it really does smell amazing, and the scent really lasts for a long time.  I can also say it leaves you with a fresh, clean feeling.  

Overall, I think it is fun, for a kid, but I think I'll stick with body wash! 


  1. It kinda looks like gooey playdoh haha. Sounds hard to use, though!