Friday, March 29, 2013

Brush Essentials: Save or Splurge?

So the countdown has begun and although it seems such a longtime away, I will be leaving. Since most of my brushes are (still!) packed, I am not going to bother unpacking them but I need to pick out some essential ones that are good but I won't mind if they get worn out. Either that or I can use my faves and hope they don't get worn out. It's a dilemma lol!

The ones I use everyday are in order of importance to me: eyebrow, concealer, eyeshadow- flat and fluffy, eyeliner, and face- cream and powder. So that's seven brushes total.

I thought I was going to just stick with one set, so I got my Sigma travel set out, which I never used.  It does have an eyeliner brush, but look at this disgusting glue on the concealer brush!  And how is that even a concealer brush, unless you are concealing your entire face, that thing is way too freakin big!!

Nice, right? 

But look again: 


I really have no idea which brushes to choose, I have sooo many beautiful brushes but I just don't know.  On a side note, I could just kick myself for buying so many damn nail plates!!  I think I have like 500 by now, disgusting I know.... but I might as well pack a ton of bricks, those things are way too heavy!! 

I think this is all my brushes: 

These are the ones I've picked out so far: 

Laura Mercier brow/spoolie- just randomly picked, I haven't used it in a long time though
Essence flat and small round- they aren't very good quality so I'm worried they won't last very long
Sonia Kashuk flat eye- had it for years, very dependable 
Real Techniques Setting- can use for highlighter and concealer powder 
Sigma F80- good flat face brush
Bdellium 955- can use for powder, blush, even light bronzer or highlighter, it's a very tall brush, first one I saw sitting out cause I actually have a few of these same types
eyeliner- I chose the Hakuhodo cause I use it every single day 
I still need the fluffy eye and concealer- the ones I use daily are Hakuhodo as well, but I am concerned they might wear out but I might just buy backups and problem solved.  

Anybody have any other recommendations?   


  1. You have an amazing brush collection, haha I have to agree with the concealer brush, but it would be good for under the eyes. I have to choose only a few brushes to take with me on my holiday which is going to be so hard! I think the ones you have picked out are good, at least a couple of them are multipurpose. xx