Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sleek Makeup Rose Gold Blush Review

Ok, I admit it.... not only do I love Sleek palettes, I also love Sleek blushes!!! 

Rose Gold is so gorgeous!!  It is almost like one of MAC's MSFs, it really does have that gold sheen to it, without being too sparkley.  It is a peach-rose gold blush.

Pardon the reeeeally bad photo of the top of the compact, somehow my camera just would not pick it up!!

A lot of comparisons have been made between this and NARS Orgasm blush, so I will do the same. 

The first thing is, NARS blushes are 0.16 oz of product for $24, while this is 0.27 oz for $6.50.

The Sleek blush compact is very sturdy, thick plastic which withstood travelling across the ocean and many states, with absolutely no damage. 

The Sleek blush is very pigmented, excellent texture- very smooth, easy to blend, and fantastic colour pay out. 

It has a teeny bit more shimmer to it than Orgasm, and is a tad peachier. 

It was very difficult to get them swatched on my arm:

So, this is how Rose Gold appeared on my face:

I really liked this blush, it felt like I had a peachy glow on my cheeks!!!   Would I be as impressed if it had another name or price on it?  Definitely. 

The only negative I found was that I had to reapply a little more than halfway through the day.