Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NARS Makeup Brushes Review: Part One- Face Brushes

I recently acquired several NARS brushes, which I really love. 

Brush # 1   Powder Brush

This is an excellent brush!  It does a superb job of picking up powder and distributing it evenly. 

Brush # 27   Yachiyo Brush

This brush is just so eye-catching!  It is great for contouring, or for blush.  I like it for blushes that just need a light sweep of colour. 

Brush # 6  Blush Brush

This is a very dense brush!  I like using it for lighter blushes or even highlighters, as I find I actually get too much colour using it for richer blushes.

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  1. That #7 brush is really nice looking. I love pretty brushes.