Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diorshow Blackout Mascara Review

This mascara is named quite fittingly.  It is most well known for being very black.  It is probably the darkest mascara I have ever used. 

This is the brush:

It dries quickly, and not too much product is dispensed onto the brush.  It definitely gives dramatic lashes!  Here is my before and after:

Wow, what a difference!! 

I used to use this mascara a lot, and in fact this is a brand new tube.  It is a very good mascara.  No flaking or smudging, and the application is pretty even with one use.  But honestly, I do not like it anymore.  I just don't like the crunchy lashes that a most mascaras give me.  I know, it may look great, but the feeling isn't worth it.  Even after using a lash comb I still find myself thinking of rubbing at the lashes to get the excess product off, and that is irritating.  There are many other mascaras I like to use that are more natural looking, although admittedly much less dramatic.  I do like the Diorshow Iconic formula much better for daily use.  I feel like my lashes have an ok length and some curl, so if I had naturally black lashes, I would just need a very simple coat of mascara.  Ah, my lash lot in life!!

If your lashes are already black, you probably would not need this heavy of a mascara.  It is great for anyone with light, thin, short, or sparse lashes though, which probably is the majority of us!! 

Overall, this is a highly effective mascara and I would definitely recommend it. 


  1. I luv this mascara!! I agree about the cruchyness but it does not flake and it does not run on me..great review :)

  2. That is a huge difference. I have dark long lashes but I LOVE a dramatic looking lash daily.

  3. oh my goodness, your lashes look amazing! my lashes are long and dark, but they are literally stick straight. I'm so jealous of how curly yours are!
    oh and by the way, blogger is being weird. I've been following your blog for quite awhile now, and then all of a sudden it said I wasn't! lame! refollowing!

  4. @sarah Yep, something happened on my end too, I have no idea what but all my posts just freakin disappeared! Thanks for coming back! :D