Sunday, February 20, 2011

NARS Makeup Brushes Review: Part Two- Kabuki Artisan Brushes

There are four brushes available in this collection: Ita, Ita Kabuki, Yachiyo, and Botan.  I have previously reviewed the Yachiyo in my Part One- Face Brushes, so it is not listed here.  At this time I do not have the Ita. 

Brush #20  Botan Brush

This brush is HUGE!!!  Here is how it fits in my palm:

It is supposed to be used for loose powder, buffing, and blending.  You can do your whole face in two or three strokes with this brush.  That is not my personal preference, so for me to use everyday this brush is too big.  I did use it several times to try it out, and it is very easy to use and it is effective as well.  I especially liked using it with the NARS sparkling loose powder, that box is very large and the application was much easier than using a typical brush.   Most powder compacts are much smaller though, and this brush would be hard to use on its own,  for example with mineral veil, I applied that using a regular brush first and blended it out using the Botan.  Beautiful brush, for sure. 

Brush #28  Ita Kabuki Brush

Another gorgeous brush!!  Very, very well made.

This is an excellent brush.  It is intended for highlighting and countouring, and it is by far the best brush I have used for those purposes.  It applies effortlessly and evenly with this brush, and very smooth.  I would not recommend it for blush though, because it is quite streaky and the only way I could do it was by brushing downward on my face. 

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