Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Maybelline Eyeliners

Since I rediscovered liquid eyeliner, I thought I'd look into getting a black one.  I got these two Maybelline ones.

This one is called Liner Express and it's a liquid liner but it has a pen tip.  

This one is "Liner Definer" and it's a pen too, but the marker type: 

I had completely different results with these.  The Liner Definer was so horrible I actually threw it out. Not only did it scrape my eye but it wasn't even black.  It was such a diluted colour it really was like putting a magic marker on my eye.  I haven't seen this product on the Maybelline site so I am hoping they discontinued it.  

Left is Liner Express, Right is Liner Definer: 

I actually liked the Liner Express, it was a bit liquidy when I first got it but it's perfectly fine now.  It is a really good black that shows well even over dark eyeshadows.  It is also easy to get a good line, and one really close to the lash line.  I use this quite a bit now because I don't have to use and was a brush.  Some of my eyeliner brushes are getting pretty worn out from washing and I even had to throw one out a few days back.  This liner didn't smudge or flake, and although it didn't last as long as some gel liners I've used I still got a good 8-9 hours out of it.  

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