Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby Foot Easy Pack Feet Exfoliating Product

I know I've reviewed a ton of foot products, but this one is a little bit different.  These foot packs are popular and a few different brands have them.  I can't tell if Baby Foot is the brand of this one but it says "Made in Japan".

I was really confused about what the product actually is.  I thought it was some kind of gel or powder and you mix it or something.  I also thought the photos of peeling, cracked feet were the "Before" photos, and since mine were just rough and hard, not peeling, I thought it would work well.  

It is actually sealed bags filled with a gel substance that you cut open and put on your feet, then leave them in place for two hours.  

The directions are a bit confusing, it says not to "forcibly remove" dead skin but it also says to assist in removal by rubbing with your hand.... which one is it??  

Here is how it worked for me: 

Day 1- applied product.  
Day 2- nothing.  
Day 3- heels and around toes started to peel lightly, at night.  I did nothing.  
Day 4- started to peel a lot.  Rubbed feet in the shower, and tons of "skin balls" (yes, eeeeewww!) started to come off.  Sleeping in socks. 
Day 5- still peeling.  feet are in a mild state of discomfort.  Socks again. 
Day 6- still peeling, now tops of feet are peeling also and a little dry.  Soles of feet are a tad softer to the touch where some skin has peeled most of the way off.  Applied foot balm sparingly in the a.m. but only to tops. 
Day 7- peeling seems to be subsiding, but some slight redness on both feet.  I noticed I still have two callous spots.  
Day 8- almost no peeling, and only one rough spot remaining, arch areas of feet are softer than before application.
Day 9+ no peeling, feet seem pretty normal, not especially soft.

I still have a couple rough spots that I just have to use a pumice on daily, and I do regular foot soaks and daily creams as well.  Soooo, although this product did produce temporary results, I did not like the excessive peeling at all and I don't think it was worth it just to have my feet back almost the same as they were just ten days later.