Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Huge Catrice Haul and Impressions...

Ok, ok, so it's not exactly "huge"..... but huge was finding Catrice in the first place!  The nail polishes are great- I got Jade Is Not My Name, Am I Blue or Green?, Sunglasses At Night (really hard to read the bottle since the polish is almost black and so are the words), and a top coat called Prismatic Effects, which is says it makes any nail polish look like a "duochrome".  I tried it and uhh, no, but it does give a pearly/iridescent look to the nail colour.

Besides the powder eyeshadows I also got a gel eyeliner, which oddly enough was the only product marked up double from what I was expecting, which was so disappointing, but I really wanted it.  To make it even more disappointing though, I hate it!!  It is like black water, incredibly hard to use!  I made the mistake of trying it on my waterline when I first got it and despite holding my eyes open waiting for it to dry it still got all over my eyeballs which was so gross and unhealthy I will definitely never do that again, thank God I didn't get an infection or anything!  

I also got a cream eyeshadow and a face primer which says it makes "pores and fine lines invisible". Um, not exactly, but it's an ok product, even though I think it's pretty much like L'Oreal, it's even the same nude pink colour.  

I haven't tried the cream eyeshadow yet but the pressed ones seem to be hit or miss... the quad palette I had to throw out cause none of them were any good.  The gold one, "Walk Like an Egyptian" is incredibly patchy but works decent over something else.  

I like the Catrice website, www.catrice.eu they do have nice descriptions and pictures.  I'd like to try the lip tint and a blush but they didn't have those at all and unfortunately they don't stock things here very often.  


  1. Great haul! I really like Catrice's products!

  2. I have a cream eyeshadow from catrice and it works really well but the shade selection is very limited!