Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzers: Princess, Goddess

Since I was not very pleased with the Rimmel bronzer I bought, I went to pick up a different shade.... then I saw these!!!  I could not resist, considering I've had such great experiences with their eyeshadows and lash serum. 

Princess is shimmery, and Goddess is matte- so glad to have found them both!

The swatches:

These are soft, and powdery, Princess a bit more of the two, but they are still very easy to work with.  They applied evenly and smooth, and blended easily.  They are quite pigmented, I did not have to build them up at all, which I really found pleasing.  I like both shades a lot, but Princess is a bit more of a lighter bronze.  I did not find Goddess to appear muddy at all, despite the darker colour and lack of shimmer. 

A downside is, for me anyway, they did not last very long on my skin, particularly Princess- I almost got three hours, but not quite.  I got about 4 1/2 from Goddess though.  I don't have oily skin so I don't believe that to be the cause.  Since reapplying bronzer can be a bit tricky for me on the go, I used a setting spray and that worked perfectly to last all day.

I would recommend either or both of these, as they are very nice shades and texture.

Here are some visuals of how they applied on me, I did both at the same time to compare them:



Oh and since MUG is making people upload their pictures onto Photobucket or something similar just so you can post to MUG, I will no longer be posting there. I have the pictures right here on my computer so I don't understand the point of registering somewhere else just to use that one site. If anyone else can shed some light on why they enforced this new requirement please feel free to comment. I am not particularly trying to be rude about it but it seems like a nuisance to make things more difficult, why the middle man.  


  1. There have been issues with viruses, it's possible that the attachment feature is being used to upload malicious files.

    You don't need to sign up for an image host account, and you don't have to use Photobucket. When you upload images to this blog they're automatically hosted with Picasa. You can always post these on the forum.

  2. I love wet n wild's bronzers! Princess is one of my HGs and yeah, you have to use a setting spray to make it last a little longer, which I do anyway because I have crazy oily skin. Both look very nice on you! great review!

    As for MUG, I agree, I'm a bit annoyed by that too. Since we have a blog, Picasa does automatically store our photos but I still can't figure out how to post the photos on the forum. Such a pain!

  3. You insert the link for the image between the IMG tags.

  4. Idk why mug is doing this but I use to always use Photobucket to upload on there anyways..I don't participate on mug to much now anyways cuz of my blog. I absoluty love ur eyes in those pics and those bronzers look pretty good

  5. Ahh, you look great. Bronzers really suit you.

    I wish I could use them. I mean, yes, I could but they wouldn't look good on me as I'm so pale.


  6. Oooh, goddess looks nice! And your eye makeup is gorgeous!

    Yeah, the MUG thing is annoying. I have figured out how to get my pictures from Picasa on there so I don't have to go through Photobucket but who knows if that'll last... I'm not uploading my pictures onto another website!

  7. I agree about MUG, and that's why I assume most people don't post their looks anymore, which is too bad!

    Thanks for the bronzer review, I might need to pick up Godess! And your e/s is awsome....what colors?

  8. @Meme Thank you and ITA!!!
    @Jess Thank you! I hear you, I am about to do the same, I only wished to since that's how I began this online makeup community adventure :) but I have found such nice and interesting people outside of there too :)
    @Miss A awww well porcelain skin is gorgeous too!
    @Starryskies thank you, see the brushes really do make a difference! Same here about uploading!

  9. @AngieBee thanks! It was Inglot 428 P, 362 M, 493 DS, 61 AMC, and a Sonia Kashuk purple haze glitter quad :)

  10. Ohh I love your eye makeup!! I really like Goddess...I'm gonna check that out for sure!

    I've been alerted by my anti-virus many times while on MUG. I figured it was about viruses. So, I downloaded picasa and it copied all of my pictures on my computer...can I make the albums private? I'm just a nerd...I am not as computer savvy as I thought!! lol

  11. I've always uploaded pics elsewhere to post to message boards, including MUG. My guess is all the photo uploads -- particularly for the challenges -- may've been causing server overload or something. And yeah, there've been issues with viruses. So I don't have an issue with MUG banning photo attachments.

    But I don't know where everyone's getting they *have* to upload their pics to Photobucket. That's just one example. You could also use Tinypic, Picasa (where Blogger stores its images, as said), or Flickr. I think the point being made is pictures have to be hosted elsewhere; Photobucket is just the most well-known site for that.