Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Inglot Cream Lipstick 148

I bought this lipstick strictly for the colour, I wanted to try it out.  It is a very pretty pink, with a bluish tint. 

I immediately loved the colour, it was exactly what I expected.

The swatches:

I used the flash, primarily so you can see the lilac tint it has in the light:

The colour, I loved.  It was very pretty.  Unfortunately, I did not like this lipstick and I would not purchase again.  It has a really bad taste first of all.  I also did not care for the texture, I don't know if I got a bad tube, but mine was not creamy at all, in fact, it was almost grainy in texture, quite uncomfortable.  I also could not get much wear from it- about 2 1/2 hours tops, and that is with my mouth completely closed the whole time- forget about eating or drinking with this.  Or even talking on the phone lol. 

Here is how it turned out on my lips:

I got this lipstick from for $12.

On a side note, for those of you who have found out about new Inglot products, where so??  Have you seen them for sale?  The trio shadows, and even larger than 20 palettes?  I am very curious about these!!  


  1. Ah such a shame about the texture and the taste!
    It really looks like a very pretty colour


  2. it seem like evryone in the make up blogger world is raving about these lipsticks....where can you buy it from????


  3. ohh I have 148!! I really like it! I get no weird taste from it at all. I honestly think u got a bad tube because mine is very creamy and not grainy at all. Their mattes are very waxy feeling but the creams apply very creamy, so I think u should call customer service and get another one cuz it is not suppose to be like that at all!! and I hate that u would dislike an Inglot lippie cuz they sent u a bad one :( lol

  4. Hmm... it's such a pretty color and I love the tube! That stinks that its texture and smell was off. I'd definitely ask them about it. Maybe the stripey guys are coming out soon? I don't know... they do look neat.

  5. Its a very pretty color on you! I agree and think you should call them.

  6. What a bummer...I say call them too. Someone made a comment on my blog about a 40 palette at inglot?? I'm curious about these new products too.