Friday, May 20, 2011

Dior Homme Dermo System

I was browsing Dior products, and came across the mens skincare section- I was intrigued. 

These look so awesome, and got really great feedback.  Men seem to really love the products.  The after shave got really rave reviews.  They have shaving cream, after shave, cleansing gel, moisturizer, and eye treatment. 

I really love mens skincare lines, much better than traditional soap/shampoo/shower/shave gel/too busy to buy more than one so its all in one products that they seem to market towards men.  Or maybe thats what men want, who knows, but judging by these, I would say something like these would and should be the preferred choice. 

I remember buying my husband Clinique's line when it was introduced, and he refused to touch it, citing something a little more offensive than he thought they were too feminine. 

All of my male friends and relatives in Europe love high end products, not just colognes.  They say they perform well and they can really see a difference in their skin. 

What products do the men in your life use?  Do you think they would like these? 

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